The Official Bio

Officially Speaking...

Lora grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. After college she married her once-in-a-lifetime love, Gregg, and they have spent the last 25 + years transferring up and down the east coast before settling down in the Carolinas for good. She and her husband are currently half-nesters. Two of their children are grown and flown while two still remain in the nest.

Having moved 26 times in less than 50 years Lora says, “Embracing Change Is My Story.”

Speaking of stories, Lora LOVES to write them, both the serious and the funny ones. Likewise she LOVES spending time with her family traveling, at home, and in the garden. When on the road, she can’t resist a quick Cracker Barrel stop where she browses the latest garden trinkets and lace-bottom t-shirts. Her most recent undertaking, blogging, is a single place where she is bringing all of her experiences together under one roof, sharing what it’s like living in the fast lane, the change lane, the slow lane and even getting stuck in the mud.

Lora is a home educator and since 1993 she has practiced mingling her philosophy of contextual education with classical education. In each state where she has lived she has founded co-operative education programs intended to help lighten the load for busy moms entrenched in the home education lifestyle. Lora is passionate about teaching HIStory, as well as speaking and blogging on the following topics:

Twenty-Twenty- Seeing God’s Grace through the Precious Lenses of Hindsight

But A Moment in TimeFinding enjoyment in the ages and stages of your entire family

Pearls of Grace– Those incredible moments when you discover the best new thing ever!

You’ve Got Friends- Now, where to find them…? 

Lora is the co-owner of Honest-1 Auto Care, a new concept in automotive care located in Matthews, NC. Honest-1 Auto Care provides a disruptive change in the marketplace, honesty! She and her husband deeply desire to become the trusted auto care partner in their community through honest and trustworthy practices, hence the name on their billboard, Honest-1 Auto Care.

She blogs about their journey moving from the safety net of a corporate world to the uncertainties of entrepreneurship and how they built their facility with the entire family in mind. It’s a place where men and women of all ages can confidently come in with both friends and family alike and feel safe and confident that they will not be taken advantage of; it’s a place where patrons enjoy clean upscale lobbies, a complimentary beverage center, comfy club chairs, family-friendly media, free wifi, a separate children’s playroom and courtesy shuttle services.